Are you suffering with everyday aches and pains? This class can help with self-myofascial release improving muscular balance and performance!


The kinetic chain is made up of the soft tissue system (muscle, tendon, ligament, and fascia), neural system (nerves and CNS), and articular system (joints). The kinetic chain works as an integrated functional unit. All components of the kinetic chain exist interdependently. If one segment is not functioning efficiently, then the other components must compensate, leading to tissue overload, fatigue, faulty movement patterns, and finally initiates the Cumulative Injury Cycle.

For example, muscle tightness restricts the range of motion that a joint may be moved. Because of muscle restriction (tightness, soft tissue adhesions, and neural-hyperactivity), joint motion is altered, thus changing normal neural feedback to the CNS (central nervous system). Ultimately, neuromuscular efficiency is compromised , which leads to poor movement patterns, inducing premature fatigue and causing injury. The SMFR (Self-Myofascial Release) Program helps clients improve muscular balance and performance.

This class includes hands on stretching and handouts to better educate the client. Learn tons about your body and leave the studio feeling awesome!

Massage Appointments and SMFR Workshop By Appointment, Special Workshops Coming Soon.
Instruction by Shannon Strong