TESTIMONIALS from some of our students at Mountain Falls Fitness.
"I love working out at Mountain Falls Fitness Studio! The instructors are great! Jamie has lots of energy even at 6a.m. and makes us do things that I would never consider doing on my own. She's creative and mixes up the Fitcamp class so that the exercises never get boring. Wanessa is a talented dancer and inspires me to be more graceful in Zumba classes. After spending the summer working out at Mountain Falls, I've gotten stronger and leaner. In addition, I've met lots of people. My money was well spent at Mountain Falls! "
-Cathy You

"Everyone at Mountain Falls Fitness is welcoming and friendly. The classes are excellent and have a true personalized feel. It is truly "a big result in a small town", I love it!"
-Laura Brande

"Been attending classes just over a month and can sum up how I feel in one sentence: Mountain Falls Fitness Studio has great Methods For Feeling Stronger!"
-Tobi Gebauer

"The family atmosphere at Mountain Falls Fitness Studio, affable certified instructors, and engaging class schedule are the primary reasons I have remained committed to reaching my fitness goals.

I recently complete in the CT Senior Olympics Cycling Competition and owe Jamie a huge shout-out for helping me get ready for the 5km and 10km time trials. Beginner, seasoned and elite athletes will all feel at home and comfortably reach their fitness goals in a fun, warm, supportive atmosphere."
-Tim Bayley
"I joined Mountain Falls Fitness Studio after I had signed my kids up for Zumbatomic classes. They were having so much fun, I wanted to try it too. I thought I could pull it together and manage a class once a week. I managed once a week and found it so enjoyable that I ended up making more time in my schedule for classes.

I've lost 40 lbs since then and I am having so much fun. I always look forward to my workouts and the stress release they bring me. My favorite instructor Wanessa is always changing the routine so I never get bored and it's always challenging. I haven't reached my weight loss goal yet, but I sure am enjoying the ride!".
-Sabrina Leifert

"I have taken several Zumba classes in the area and no one does it better than Wanessa! She is a fantastic Zumba instructor! Her classes will keep you burning the calories with awesome Latin dance moves. So, bring your friends to the beautiful Mountain Falls Fitness Studio in Kent and get your groove on!"
-Julie P.

" Zumba is uplifting and bring out the dancer in anyone! Turbo Kick is an excellent all over body workout and Yoga helps to center me and is a great calming exercise. Great variety. I love it! "
-Kathleen Maffuid

"The golden years bring a few aches and pains to all of us over 70. Yoga has given me as much relief from neck and back pain as physical therapy and each session brings a feeling of peace that lasts much of the day. Awareness of each individual and gentle modifications to meet special needs are part of Kristin's wonderful teaching style. I'm grateful to her and MFFS for bringing yoga into our community. It is becoming an essential part of my healthy life style."
-Terese Abbott

"Starting yoga a year ago has sparked so many positive changes in so many things I do! I've been a runner and a dancer for years, I've tried lots of different aerobic workouts, but through my yoga practice with Kristin, I've become much stronger than through any other exercise. Chores are easier, I sleep better, I'm aware of my posture when I'm standing in front of the stove, and my mood in general is better. Others have noticed the change, too. Kristin makes every class different, and that's perfect for me... I look forward to each class, and I don't say that about a lot of fitness classes! I'm stronger and more resilient than I was in my twenties thanks to Kristin."
- J Saxton

"I started attending yoga classes at Mountain Falls Fitness upon the recommendation of my chiropractor, who said yoga would help me with long-standing issues with my back and hips. I've also had two frozen shoulders, having endured surgery on one and months of physical therapy on both. When I began weekly yoga 10 months ago, I never dreamed how much it would help with all my aches and pains. I first took yoga over 20 years ago but got turned off, because I felt inadequate in my ability to accomplish the poses.

The instructors at Mountain Falls Fitness have all been careful to offer modified poses when needed and always encourage students as they are learning how to accomplish new poses. I'm confident that continued yoga under the direction of the qualified instructors at Mountain Falls Fitness will keep me out of the Physical Therapy office, because let's face it…yoga is much more fun than PT."
-Lynn W

"I had major back surgery 2 years ago after which I took several months even to walk unaided. After clearance from the doctor I wanted to climb the long road back to fitness. I joined Mountain Falls Fitness, initially going to Vinyasa Yoga with the most lovely Kristin Wilkins - she helped me learn yoga & modify certain moves any time I needed to - now I can do most poses, with care.

Then after talking to a few people, I joined Turbo Kick & also Zumba with the awesome Wanessa Janiak Anderson. Wanessa is a "bundle of energy" & will have you doing things you never thought you could do! Both these classes are great workouts to get your heart rate up, etc. but are FUN classes with lively music.

Mountain Falls Fitness is a wonderful place where you can get in shape/stay in shape, a very friendly environment where you can have complete confidence in all trainers & where you can meet up with old friends & meet new ones all while doing what's best for you & your well being!"
-Diane L